ER 731 rare wool boots


Farbe : Shetlandschaf braun

No longer available

Product number: 17/731-8856-0-39
Handgelesene Schurwollen
Hergestellt in Österreich
Natürlich & nachhaltig produziert
Gratis Lieferung in EU
Sohle aus vegetabil gegerbtem Leder
Obermaterial aus ungefärbter Wolle bedrohter Schafrassen
erleichterter Einstieg
Product description These sheep come from the harsh Shetland Islands located in the sub- Arctic Atlantic ocean to the north of Scotland. They are small, undemanding and extremely resilient shorttailed sheep. The fine, soft, curly wool comes in many natural colour variants, from which we have chosen „moorit“ -a very warm, light brown variety.
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