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Our company was founded already in 1926 by Hans Gottstein and is now held in the fourth generation of the family. We started with the production of woven goods and fabrics and then went over to produce boiled wool and felt products. Our desire to create superior customer fashion inspired us to start with our slippers and a fashion line. Today, we have focused on slippers. With our premium brands Magicfelt and Stegmann, we create superior and unique felt slippers and clogs. We distribute them to leading retailers and special consignors world wide - but we also decided to sell our slippers directly online to the customers. With our brand Kitz-pichler we create premium boiled wool slippers. Additionally we distribute our boiled wool "walk" to distinguished fashion houses and boutiques of the haute couture. 

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 Our (Magic) Felt

The process of felting is almost as old as mankind itself. Already in the Stone Age, wool was processed to felt and served as a protection from the cold and moisture. We have learned this handcraft to perfection. Critical advances in the process enable us to process the wool with the cristal-clear water from the Alps and without adding any chemicals to create the finest merino wool slippers. The basis of our felt products is the natural and re-growing sheep's wool which is processed by a special machine – a so-called carding machine - to a fleece. Warm water is added to the wool fibers and with a special technique that the fibers connect. The resulting material is  resilient, waterproof and heat-insulting. This is our felt. It is the basis for all our products and is produced directly  in our local factory in Tirol, Austria.



Our Brands