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Kitz-pichler is our oldest brand and is successful in the market for decades. The beautiful boiled wool slippers and hut shoes that are available in many variations delight our customers over and over.

We also produce popular kids slippers that come with a knit waistband or an elastic band and we have a wealth of great motives, such as animal patterns, embroideries, applications, or strass-stones.







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The models for men and women are low-key on purpose to reflect our country-style and tyrolean flair.

The elastic boiled wool is produced in our own production in Tyrol and guarantees a great comfort when wearing our slippers.

We are proud on our history and the fact that we produce in Tyrol. Also, we work dedicated to be as sustainable as possible - because a strong brand needs a strong mindset and healthy roots.






Excited? Explore our Kitz-pichler Models