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Founded in 1888, Stegmann stands for superior quality in the premium segment of felt clogs and belongs to the leading specialists in the field of wool processing. This experience has been passed on for generations and has been continuously developed and improved. Our unique making guarantees the best fitting - made in Tyrol right in the heart of the alps.


The Product

The upper consists of knitted felt and is made in one piece – and seamlessly. Therefore, we make use of finest Merinowools only. The footbed has a special anatomic shape that is especially comfortable to wear. Additionally, it has a cork and latex sole that adds stability and traction and is especially durable to wear. This combination of materials and technology enables your feet to relax and is therefore particularly healthy and comfortable. Stegmann clogs make going indoors a unique experience.


Sustainable Production

Apart from highest quality standards and exceptional design, sustainability is a key issue for Stegmann. For the entire production, only natural and regrowing  resources and materials are used and no chemical substances are in use. We rely on wool, cork, and latex – because Stegmann goes all natural.


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The Fit

Due to the anatomic shape, the feet fit comfortably inside the foot. Experts recommend Stegmann – the Original.

The seamless Felt

Finest merinowool of highest quality is handknitted in the pure mountainwater of the Alps in Tirol to create the upper. No chemicals are in use.

The Comfort

The design of the shoe is ment to guarantee a maximum of comfort. The corksole absorbs the impact of walking, even on hard grounds.

The Footbed

The footbed is designed to be both resilient and flexible. Lateral and longitudinal archs as well as a toe-gripper enable superior comfort.


Modell 108  

Model 108 - The Legend

The all time classic among felted clogs. The upper is made from resilient wool felt that is made sewelessly. Only finest natural wools are used. The upper is very comfortable and the wool fibers are breathable: warming in winter and cooling in summer and absolutely sweatless. The cork-rubber footbed guarantees high traction. It has an anatomical shape and is very flexible due to the longitudinal cambers and cross cambers. The material absorbs the impact of walking which makes walking in Stegmann more healthy. It is robust and has a long lifespan.


Comfort Wollfelt Clogs - Model 109

This felt clog is characterized by its v-shaped cork sole. The impressive design makes the foot appear thinner and gives best comfort. The foot is surrounded exclusively from 100% purest wool. The upper material is therefore very breathable and guarantees a healthy foot climate without sweating. The cork-rubber footbed guarantees stability and comfort when walking and make it a high quality slipper and a good deed to your feet 


Dieser Filz-Pantoffel besticht durch seine keilförmige Korksohle. Diese lässt den Fuß schmaler wirken und bietet besten Komfort. Der Fuß wird ausschließlich von 100 % reiner Wolle umgeben. Dieses ist äußerst atmungsaktiv und garantiert so ein gesundes Fußklima. In Verbindung mit dem Kork-Latex-Fußbett entsteht ein Hausschuh von höchster Qualität. Eine wahre Wohltat für Ihre Füße.


Modell 109  

Modell 110  

Comfort Wollfelt Clog - Model 110

A slim model for slim feet. Both the felt upper and the cork footbed have a thin shape. The felt is made from finest wool and seamlessly made. It  regulates temperature in the best way: warming your feet in winter and cooling them in summer. Additionally, the wool is antibacterial and therefore guarantees a healthy foot climate. This is recreation for your feet. 


Comfort Wollfelt Clogs - Model 111

The woolfelt clog to slip into. The flat shape at the heel enables easy access into the slipper and has a very modern design. It is made from natural materials exclusively directly in Tyrol. Felt clog model 111 means highest comfort for your feet.


Modell 111  

Modell 127  

Felt Slipper-  Model 127

Seamlessly felted house slipper made in Tirol from finest merino wool. He is anatomically shaped and perfectly adapts to the feet. It comes with a patented non slip sole that is water resistant. It has a removable cork footbed that gives the highest comfort. The ideal companion for a cozy evening at home. 

Boiled Wool Slipper -  Model 301

Beautiful  slipper made from boiled wool. The walk upper is made from finest wool exclusively. The slipper is very breathable due to the nature of wool and prevents sweat. It comes with an integrated flexible cork footbed that is very healthy and gives stability. The sole is shaped anatomically and can be removed or exchanged if wanted. Our patented sole is water proof and non slip. Simply wear our boiled wool slipper and enjoy life.


Superfeiner Schlüpfer aus extra dickem Strickfilz. Das Walkoberteil wird aus reiner Wolle gefertigt. Die atmungsaktiven Eigenschaften dieser Naturfaser bleiben bei der Fertigung erhalten und verhindern somit unangenehmes Schwitzen. Darüber hinaus sorgt flexible, integrierte Korkfußbett für besten Halt. Es ist anatomisch geformt und kann nach Belieben auch herausgenommen werden. Die patentierte Laufsohle ist wasserdicht und rutschfest. Einfach hineinschlüpfen und genießen.


Modell 301  

Modell 304  

Boiled Wool Hut Shoe - Model 304

Very comfortable hut shoe made from boiled wool. The upper consists of 100% wool. Due to the structure of the surface, the material is breathable and ensures a healthy foot climate. The slipper comes with our patented non slip and water resistant sole and has a cork footbed. Highest quality in a beautiful product.


Wool Felt Ballerina-  Model 403

Our trendy boiled wool ballerina has a feminin shape and is formed with a ballerina last. The two-colored design gives the ballerina a stylish design. It is made from 100% wool and has a non slip and water resistant rubber sole. It can be worn both inside and outdoors. Just enjoy wearing our slippers.


Die Trendige Walkstoff Ballerina hat eine feminine Passform und wird über eine leisten geformt. Besonders der Walkstoff in 2 Farben- Optik verleiht dem Hausschuh einen stylishen Auftritt. Der Hausschuh ist aus 100 % reiner Wolle gefertigt und mit einer wasser- und rutschfesten Gummisohle versehen. Diese ermöglicht auch diese Ballerina vor der Tür zu Tragen. Ein moderner Allrounder für gemütliche Stunden Zuhause oder Draußen.


Modell 403