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Tirol. This is where we come from and this is where the magic happens. Since our foundation in 1924 we remain true to ourselves and produce directly in Tirol, Austria. It is our philosophy to stay local and regional in our beautiful home. We felt our products in the crystal clear water of the Alps and take parts of our wool directly from local sheep breeders. Our know-how for felting is handed down and improved already in the fourth generation and builds upon old traditions. 

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Why did Gottstein choose Tirol:


Because we pay homage to Tradition

The production of felt clogs and slipper socks has a long tradition in Austria. Especially in the alpine area in Tirol, felt slippers are very common in households and in lodges and chalets. The art of felting dates back approximately 2500 years where pastoral tribes and nomads began to felt to produce clothing and cultural objects. Since then, improvements and technological advances have enabled felting to become a versatile technique. Our slippers are made with techniques that go back far into the past but we have refined them with state-of-the-art technologies and latest know-how to create the best results.






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Because we love Nature

Tirol is known world-wide because of the majestic Alps, its beautiful forests and lakes, and the ability to acquire vitality and strength from the unspoiled nature. Since our childhood we are shaped by our affinity to nature and the life in harmony with nature. It is just a logical consequence that we take responsibility to support and maintain the region and the unique nature here in Tirol.


Nature gives us strength and harmony but also gives us essential resources for our production. The high quality of the crystal clear water from the Alps is essential for the felting process. The wool from local sheep breeders is the key ingredient for our slippers. And also the energy we need for our processes and operations is generated from sustainable energy sources. We make multiple contributions to preserve and protect nature:

  • Usage of renewable resources
  • Resource-saving production and usage of the materials. We take efforts to become a zero-waste company
  • Our required energy comes primarily from renewable and alternative sources
  • We renounce the use of chemical auxiliaries
  • We optimize our logistics to guarantee shortest transport distances  within the company and between suppliers and customers


Because of our geographical location

Tirol is the third largest federal province in Austria and borders Germany in the North, Italy in the South, and Switzerland in the Southeast. Our location puts us in the heart of Europe and is a great advantage for us. The central location enables us to minimize travel and shipping locations to our partners, suppliers, and customers. This actively supports the preservation of nature.


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Because of the People and the Culture

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Tirol is not only our home, but also a source of inspiration and fascination, of tradition and a great future. Our company saves local jobs and supports the local economy. It is our concern to make a positive contribution for the people and the region since we were founded and we will pursue this issue also in the future.


Since 9 years we actively support handicapped people directly at our main site in Imst. This creates save jobs for these people – and a save job means social integration and opportunities.

Finally, we love the culture here. The Tirolian coziness and social cohesion is strong in the region. We live old traditions and foster honest values. And this is what becomes apparent in all our products.










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