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Rare Wools - The finest wools in the world


The rarest and noblest wools occur in the most hostile regions of the world. Only those who can defy these extreme conditions assert themselves. And as extraordinary as these animals are their wools. With our Special-Edition "Rare Wools" by Magicfelt we honor the special features of these wools.


Our special:

Each animal is ideally adapted to its environment and so unique is the wool. That is why every wool is special in its appearance and function. Discover the characteristics of the animals and you will also experience the characteristics of the wool.





Rare Wools Eigenschaften der Wolle 




Rare Wools Yak


Yak wool is one of the "noble wools" and warms by its fiber structure even at minus degrees.




General Know-how

The Yak is a cattle and lives in Central Asia. The resilient animals form the livelihood of the mountain domestic nomads. In an area of 1.4 million square kilometers in Asia, many people depend on these animals.

About the wool

The coat color of the yak varies from dark brown to black. The yak is the only type of cattle that has a multi-layered coat. Coarse wool hairs of fice to thirteen centimeters in length are distributed throughout the body. The third type of hair is fine wool in all parts of the body and accounts over 80 percent of the hair. The long covering hairs on the chest, tail and abdomen are also referred to as horsehair in the Yak, because they are similar to the hair on the tail and mane of horses. Yak wool is one of the noble wools and warms by its fiber structure even at minus degrees.


The Yak's origin are the Himalaya mountains and they live in the high altitudes of Central Asia on heights op to more than 6,000 meters. At the moment, there are also many animals in large parts of the Mongolia and even in the south of Siberia.


Yak slippers YAK


Magicfelt RARE WOOLS "YAK"



Rare Wools Alpaca


Alpaca wool is extremely strong and resistant, but feels soft and supple.




General Know-how

The Alpaca is a domesticated camel form and lives in the South American Andes. Alpacas are bred mainly for their wool. The population approximates 4.4 million alpacas worldwide. 

About the wool

Alpaca wool is very soft and silky-shiny. It is 3-5 times warmer compared to sheep's wool. The fiber is extremely strong and resistant, but feels soft and supple.


The Alpaca is a domedicated camel form from the Andes. The Inca people saw the ownership of these animals as a sign of prosperity. The population of Alpacas in Peru is about 3.5 million animals, which is about 80% of the world population.


Alpaca Slippers ALPACA





Rare Wools Camel


The valuable camel wool is on of the "noble wools" and is known for its beautiful color and soft fineness.




General Know-how

The so-called Old-World-Camels weighs between 300 and 700 kilograms. Because of their special physical conditions, they can perfectly adapt to the most extreme habitats, such as deserts and steppes.

About the wool

The camel wool has a breathable effect, is ideal for the cold and warm seasons and nestles gently against the skin. Moisture is released into the air at any time. In addition, camel wool is lightweight and odorless, suitable for allergy sufferers. Camel wool is soft, durable and often dyed in different colors.


The Old-World-Camels originally came from Asia. Meanwhile, they also live in North Africa and even in Australia. Their habitat is dry steppes and deserts. The New-World-Camels occur mostly in higher mountain regions in western and souterhn South America.


Camel Slippers CAMEL  








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