About us




Our company was founded in 1926 by Hans Gottstein and is now family-owned and managed in the fourth generation. Initially, we produced woven fabrics. Later, we became capable of producing boiled wool and knitted wool textiles to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality fashion and comfortable slippers.


The introduction of our brand Magicfelt is owed to critical technological advances in our wool processing capabilities. This enabled us to produce a very stable and durable product made from natural wool. The Magicfelt slippers are a new interpretation of traditional slippers, simple in shape but rich and beautiful in colors.


In 2008, we acquired the company Stegmann – a well-known traditional manufacturer of comfort felt clogs that was founded back in 1888. With this acquisition we extended our core competence which is located in the field of feltmaking and the production of felt products. This enabled us to become the #1 producer of felt slippers in the premium segment.


Today, we supply leading retailers and special consignors with our premium brands Magicfelt and Stegmann. Additionally, we sell the brand “Kitz-Pichler” to distinguished partners. Another business field is the sale of premium fabrics to distinguished fashion companies of haute couture. Our oldest brand but very popular among young people.